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Markets that we serve

CS Communication & Systems is a software engineering corporation specialized in safety and mission critical embedded software development, validation and verification. Our customers build critical systems that include such software like jet engine controls, avionics systems, GPS, communication systems, and many more.

In order to support our customers challenges in the development, verification, validation, and certification of their critical embedded software, we propose to participate in their programs from our offices or at their premise in firm fixed price (FFP) model, managing complete sections of programs, and we also offer onsite consultants that will complement their team under their management.

Our consulting offering

  • Consultants who are mostly CS employees
    • 135 engineers available in Canada and 25 in the USA
    • Recognised expertise in design, verification & validation of safety and mission critical embedded software
    • Rapid availability (no recruitment lead-time)
    • Ease of selection for short-term mandates
    • Continuous training to maintain leading edge skills
    • Regular monitoring from CS program managers and discipline leads
    • Stable and experienced team
  • Consultants go back to CS once client missions are completed
    • Continuous skills improvement on varied applications and systems
    • Adaptability and knowledge of various project management tools
  • Project continuity
    • The assigned consultants will remain available in the future to continue, update or support on their previous projects if need be

Why consider CS ?

We have been involved successfully for more than 15 years with the most demanding and the highest level of critical systems in the aerospace industry with jet engine controls within DO-178C Level A certification with the largest OEMs in North America and many other critical systems for aeronautics, space, automotive, train, and industrial markets.

This expertise is now available at your service!


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