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Our offering

CS offering includes the development of complete critical and non-critical embedded software packages. Development is performed using Agile methodology as an efficient mean to produce quality software in a rapid and cost-efficient manner.

Software package includes the following V-cycle stages of development

  • Planning process documentation and development tooling set-up
  • High-level software┬áspecification from client system specification
  • Software architecture and low-level design
  • Source code
  • Software executable generation and debugging.

CS maintains a complete software development environment within its premises, and corresponding verification activities are performed by independent V&V integrated product teams.


  • Requirement capture: DOORS, Reqtify, LDRA
  • Specifications: UML, LUSTRE/Scade
  • Design: SCADE, Matlab, Simulink
  • Methodologies: V-cycle, Agile

Programming languages

  • ADA (83, 95, 2005), C, C++, Java, C#, assembler


  • DO-178B/C
  • ISO26262


  • Design tools: SCADE, Matlab, Simulink, LabVIEW
  • Configuration management: Subversion, ClearCase, Mantis, Git, JIRA, Tuleap
  • LDRA suite: TBrun, Testbed and MISRA-C Checker
  • Code generation: SCADE KCG, Simulink RT-EC
  • Assembler for most microprocessors: MPC 555, MPC5554, MPC5566, ARM, DSP
  • Windriver Diab and GCC Compilers
  • Greenhills MULTI IDE
  • Greenhills INTEGRITY RTOS
  • Buses: ARINC 429, ARINC 629, MIL-STD-1553, CANBUS, Ethernet
  • Test benches: OPAL-RT, National Instrument PXI


CS Canada provides a wide range of expertise in the development, verification, validation and certification of mission and safety critical software of embedded systems. This complete offering insures a large cohesion between each of the critical aspects from development to certification and allows CS to manage complete programs.

Why consider CS ?

We have been involved successfully for more than 15 years with the most demanding and the highest level of critical systems in the aerospace industry with jet engine controls within DO-178C Level A certification with the largest OEMs in North America and many other critical systems for aeronautics, space, automotive, train, and industrial markets.

This expertise is now available at your service!


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